Screening Tool:  SIMARD  MD*

Screen for the Identification of Medically At-Risk Drivers: A Modification of the Demtect



The SIMARD MD is a valid and reliable screening tool developed to assist health professionals in identifying cognitively impaired, medically at risk drivers.  This 5 minute pen and paper test is  freely available and easy to administer   It has been shown to have a high degree of sensitivity and specificity.  The tool is called a modification of the DemTect because it uses a subset of the items from this test.


The SIMARD should be administered by health professionals as part of a driver's fitness to drive medical examination, particularly if the driver presents with one or more chronic medical conditions that may impair cognition. Scores on the SIMARD MD identify three groups of drivers:
  1. Drivers who have a high probability of failing a driving evaluation - unfit to drive
  2. Drivers with a high probability of passing a driving evaluation - fit to drive
  3. Drivers who need referral for a driving evaluation to determine competence

The Medically At Risk Driver protocol can also be used as a guide to clinical decision making for fitness to drive.


Further Information:

SIMARD MD Screening Tool & Administration Instructions

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For more information and to access training videos on the SIMARD MD please visit the Medically At-Risk Driver website

* Dobbs B.M. & Schopflocher D. (2010). The introduction of a new screening tool for the identification of cognitively impaired medically at-risk drivers: The SIMARD A Modification of the DemTect. Journal of Primary Care and Community Health. Vol 1(2): 119-127